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IoT Devices and SMS Notifications

Technology now brings convenience to our homes, at work or anyplace we go. We have almost moved on from machines assisting us to completely taking over our tasks. The age of information brings in innovations every day. The number of devices and connections we own increase exponentially and through innovations from the internet things, our lives are now easier. Communication was meant for people using machines and connections but who would have thought that we would now be able to talk to machines. Imagine, your car telling you that your engine is faulty or your washing machine telling you your laundry is done. This is indeed the future and IoT devices are presently on the rise along with SMS notifications.

IoT devices are basically non-standard computing devices that can transmit data once connected wirelessly to the internet. These devices are beyond standard devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. As long as it is a mechanical or digital machine with data transferability and no need for human or computer interaction, it can be classified as an IoT device. There are many channels of communication but even today texting is the most preferred one.

Texting is easy and millennial generations are used to it so why not text your appliances too? SMS technology is also on the rise and texts are now also sent via the internet.  This means that IoT devices can receive and send information or commands via our cell phone.  It is a picture perfect collaboration when IoT, a technological gem, and SMS, the workhorse of modern communication meet. Since SMS is the most basic feature of any phone; it will always function the same way regardless of upgrades in OS or functions. There is actually a broad range of how IoT devices and SMS notifications work together. IoT SMS Usage can be classified into two main groups;

1. Consumer Notification

Automation has brought about smart homes and buildings into existence. The first and most obvious benefit to smart homes is a convenience, as more connected devices can handle more operation such as lighting and temperature. Other connected devices include smart TVs, computers and common large appliances which include;

1. Alarm system – You can now send an SMS to your security alarm to turn off or on without physically having to go and do it. No need to worry about WIFI or Bluetooth range because SMS has no range limit.

2. Garage control – It’s been a long day at work so just text your garage door to open itself without you having to get out of your car.

3. Air conditioning – It’s a hot summer day and you’re coming home in 20 minutes. Just text your air conditioner to turn on so you can go home and chill. You can even control your thermostat and adjust the temperature according to your convenience.

4. Lighting – Forgot to turn off the lights? Turn them off with an SMS

5. Car – No, your car cannot transform into an Autobot just yet but it can now text you what is wrong with it such as a malfunctioning tail light.

2. Industry and Workplace Notifications

Like smart houses, a smart office is also benefiting from IoT and SMS notifications. Effective communication is mandatory in every industry. Smoother operations in the workplace are a result of rapid information process and transmission.

1. Coffee – Like cars, we need our fuel too but who has the time to get up and heat the coffee and wait. The work hours are intense so you can now text your coffee machine at work to turn on and have a nice cup of Joe without having to wait for it.

2. Smart Speakers – Most offices hold conferences and meetings with a large number of employees. Smart speakers now support text and basic functions such as volume and microphone control.

3. Sensors – There are a number of things that can change or go wrong in an industry. IoT sensors can be integrated with SMS to receive these anomalies. For example, pressure changes in a boiler or fuel levels in a burner can be notified to the manager via SMS.

Benefits of IoT devices and SMS Notifications

1. Smooth Sequential Processing

Integration of SMS and IoT devices ensures convenient monitoring and control. You will be able to follow all processes with great efficiency since every update information will be available to you. Companies can integrate their surveillance system and different sensors for in-depth analysis available via SMS.

2. Smart manufacturing

Automation itself is advancing every day and the manufacturing sector benefits greatly from this. According to research, the manufacturing sector will benefit the most from the use of the IoT, by as early as 2020. IoT devices are integrated or programmed to receive simple commands to perform a specific function. Moreover, they can also notify managers of system changes and alerts to ensure safety and a smooth work environment.

3. Business Evolution

Businesses are in constant competition with each other. Information is like an endless ocean when it comes to IoT and companies make pricing, marketing, and sales decisions using real-time data. SMS is now the utmost channel of internal communication and now, not just for humans only. Even small businesses can use this technological gem as the only requirements are an SMS service provider and SMS supported IoT devices.

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