Importance of Number Lookup API

Number lookup API is a service that allows the user to connect to the database that contains details of mobile numbers. This process is not illegal as it does not provide personal information. However, it provides aspects like number status, whether it is on or off, details, and other important aspects.

Over the years number lookup has worked the best to send out campaigns. The number lookup API helps in reducing sending out invalid numbers. This helps companies strategize better and eventually reduce costs and time.  

TheTexting has its number Lookup API. You can integrate it into your application and feed phone numbers into it. This helps check the numbers and their credibility. The number lookup can help you keep your database clean. Moreover, it allows you to send messages to the network to save you money.

Businesses are more and more into text marketing these days. However, text marketing reaches out to people individually. This means that each message sent out takes some money. companies cannot always reach out to the numbers they send. They use number lookup to find out dead phone numbers, wrong phone numbers, and other information.

In this guide, we will talk about the number lookup API in detail and see how you can benefit from it.


There are plenty of different benefits of number lookup. Here are a few advantages that you might find interesting.

  1. Contact the right person

    A study showed that an average person changed their number more than once in their lifetime. The number change can be because of any reason, a better network, a better plan, or just for a change of pace. However, most people disconnect with their old numbers instead of using multiple numbers.

    The people who suffer are the businesses that people hand their numbers to. The number is deactivated but the message sends out regardless. Sometimes the number can be transferred as well. regardless, there can be a fuss in reaching out to the intended person.

    Number lookup helps you check if the number is still valid or not. Businesses can find out if the number is ported or not. Moreover, they can find out and validate the number. This allows them to send the messages to the right contacts.

    However, there is a catch. Consumers are becoming more aware of data collection. To dodge these, they give out wrong numbers.

    Number lookup services help validate the number as soon as you get it. This allows you to always send the message to the right number. This helps optimize marketing strategies.

  2. Save money

    No matter what your business is, you are probably always looking for a way to save money. Businesses use text marketing to promote themselves and their services. However, each message costs some money. Even if you are using a service like TheTexting that charges the lowest possible prices, you still get charges. When customers hand out invalid or wrong numbers, the messages got to waste. Or, if customers change their numbers, the messages go to waste.

    The outdated and wrong information is the easiest way a business can lose money. Herein comes the number lookup services. This service helps businesses filter out the wrong and outdated information of numbers. Moreover, it helps keep the validated numbers only to send out messages.

    The catch is that not everyone gives you real-time data. Use a service like TheTexting to get real-time and updated results every time you look up a number.

    Another way you can save money is by finding out the network of the number. Usually, the same networks give a higher deliverability rate and a lower cost. Hence you can find out the network of the number. Moreover, you can find out if the number is ported to a different network than you assumed. This process allows you to save money and increase the deliverability rate.

  3. Clean your database

    Research showed that almost 85% of all data stored was old, expired, or useless. This can become a huge problem for businesses that use data to plan marketing strategies and for other purposes. Every year companies lose millions of dollars because of old and redundant data. The solution to this lies in the number lookup API.

    Number lookup API allows you to keep all the incorrect and outdated information off your list. You can check real-time data information with TheTexting and enjoy an updated and clean database.

Frequent use cases

Number lookup has a use case in almost all industries. If you are confused about where you can use this, the following are the top reasons businesses use them. Keep in mind that this is a legitimate process.

  • Check valid and invalid numbers to see if the message you send is relevant or not
  • Get information if the number is roaming or not. If you find the roaming on then it means your customer is out of the country and sending a message to them may be a waste.
  • Find out if the mobile number is ported to a different network
  • Find the best route for your text message or voice message to send out and increase deliverability with the right route
  • Know the type of number so you can send it accordingly.

Get number lookup API with TheTexting

TheTexting is your to-go tool for a number lookup API. We offer you the lowest possible prices in the market. This API tool allows you to feed your numbers and enjoy all the benefits that number lookup APIs give you.

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