Text Messaging and Artificial Intelligence

Text Messaging and Artificial Intelligence

Reducing human effort and increasing quality is the core objective of any technological advancement. Artificial intelligence might be considered a thing for the movies or science fiction, but it is astonishing how much we already use it in our daily lives. Virtual assistants such as SIRI by apple, Alexa by Amazon, Cortana by Microsoft and Google assistant have become part of our daily lives to perform simple tasks and assist us with our needs. For example, “SIRI, wake me up in 30 minutes”, and SIRI will set up an alarm that will buzz after 30 minutes. Customers use Alexa for notifications, purchasing, communication and media control. Text messaging is the oldest form of modern long-distance communication and even today the usage has only peaked even with email, social media and other platforms available.

Marketers need to take notice that consumer behavior is evolving and one-way communication is a thing of the past. According to research, 80 percent of Consumers look to engage in communication with businesses today rather than just receive information from them. Customer service, feedback, and general inquiry are general reasons for engagement. Most businesses now use text messaging for customer engagement and it is the most cost-effective channel and artificial intelligence is now applied to texting as well.

Due to an enormous amount of traffic, it is difficult for businesses to respond to a large number of customers so this is when artificial intelligence comes in to play. Artificial intelligence is a machine which works and reacts like a human being with the ability to perform at greater pace and efficiency. This includes making calculations faster, ease our daily tasks and multitask. This is great for saving time and energy to reduce human effort. The following ways are how texting and artificial intelligence collaborate with each other;

Smart Communication

Communication is evolving and smart practice is the key to success. This involves the usage of the latest communication tools to compete with others and increase work efficiency. Chatbots are one of the creatures of artificial intelligence which speed up text messaging. AI-chat bots can function directly in customer engagement and serve a large number of customers at a time. Chatbots can answer multiple questions via text messaging at a time which result in happy customers. Although some might not like the idea of talking to a robot, upgrades are in development. The upgrades include context interpretation, response time, data upload and perception interpretation. As artificial intelligence grows, it is important to understand how they are used in interactions between humans. Artificial intelligence grows every day and businesses will use it for mass communication in the near future.

Cost Optimization

Reduction in manpower is equivalent to a reduction in expenditure. Companies are now automating end to end business processes to boost revenue and enhance communication. Also, AI deals with queries within minimum time period and ease due to no wait time. Businesses save expenditure while earning more revenue with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, AI can work 24/7 for a company without having a break.

Convenient integration

Businesses have employed mass texting services with integration to their software or website using SMS API. This has enabled them to reach out to thousands of customers at a time. Software companies can use artificial intelligence to run their marketing campaign or dish out transactional messages to existing customers. Once integrated, AI bots can handle the responses, send out response and even solve problems of customers. Optimization is mandatory on regular basis from a build up to regular feedback which gathers information about customer’s questions and generates responses accordingly.

Text-based solution and search engine integration

Artificial intelligence can predict consumer pattern in their text messaging alone. This includes spelling errors, previous chat log, repetitive dialogue, and process this information to generate responses. For example, if someone asks to convert the price of a product into their currency. The AI bot will automatically convert it whereas a human would ask the customer to do it themselves.

TheTexting is now one of the leading mass texting service providers in the world and we like to walk with technology. Texting is now predictable and not just by predictable text plugins. Machine learning uses statistical analysis to give computers the ability to learn. Over 8.3 trillion texts are sent every day worldwide and each text contains a pattern, repetition, format, content, and size, which can all be put to statistics that aid in this learning process. In conclusion, the possibilities are endless and it seems we have only commenced texting recently.

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