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Essential SMS API Need for Mobile App Owners

SMS API technology is on the rise, with small businesses and enterprise-level companies realizing the potential of short message service with this fast, reliable medium. This brings about the need for multiple features which offer smooth and swift operations along with convenience for both users and app owners.  App developers of all types can execute SMS API integration to improve efficiency, make life easier for your customers and potentially reach new audiences.

Research indicates that there are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units combined, meaning your business needs a mobile presence to stay connected with its customers. To top this off, 98% of all SMS are read within fifteen minutes which makes SMS a cost-effective cross-channel marketing and operating strategy.

The following are some important use cases of SMS integration for your mobile applications;

1. Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing is a marketing strategy used to simply engage with customers or prospects across every digital channel and any device. There are many digital channels to pick from which include social media, calls, emails and last but not least SMS. Integrating SMS API into your mobile application can do wonders for developers as it has proved to be more effective than Emails and other digital channels. This direct channel serves as the most secure and efficient one for many reasons. These include rapid delivery time, effective response and real-time engagement with prospects. 98 out of 100 people will read the SMS sent to their phones whereas only 20 out of 100 people will check their emails which make SMS a more effective cross-channel.

Even though emails are comparatively cheaper than SMS, the readability of SMS along with the response rate serves as a counter to the low cost. To clarify, you will still be charged for the emails that aren’t opened which are approximately 51% as compared to 2% unopened text messages. In the end, you will actually be saving more by using SMS.

SMS integrating

The table above shows how email compares with SMS during a cross-channel marketing

2. Product Verification/ OTPs using SMS API Integration

Product Verification

SMS is highly reliable with a 98% open rate as mentioned earlier. With rising security threats and irrelevant usage, integrating SMS into your mobile application can limit online threats and protect your organization against fraudulent login attempts. Sending out OTPs by SMS API can serve a second wall of authentication to your login processes to confirm the status of the authorized user. Moreover, developers can use SMS for code verifications such as password resets. They can set up parameters such as maximum entry limit, code expiry, and maximum attempts.

3. Discount Coupons or Vouchers

Discount Coupons or Vouchers

Using our SMS API, developers can send single-use coupon codes whereby every SMS receiver will automatically receive a unique coupon URL. Discount coupons and vouchers are known to intrigue customers and attract them towards your product or service. Direct communications and high readability using SMS vouchers lead to better customer engagement. Push notifications and emails work to an extent and are likely to be ignored and considered as spam. SMS, however, is much more trusted so developers can easily integrate and commence their discount campaigns.

4. Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts are great, especially around the holidays. Common virtual gifts include iTunes gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Netflix and Airfare gift cards among many others. These gift cards are a great way to get more customers. Developers can use SMS API to promote gift cards and ensure the recipients receive them successfully. People wait for holidays to do most of their shopping using these gift cards get as many benefits as they can.

5. Alerts and reminders

Alerts and Reminders

Customer engagement and service is absolutely vital when it comes to running a successful business. Mobile developers send updates and notifications on a recurring basis. SMS is an essential tool for this purpose. Users often ignore Email reminders and internet service quality varies from place to place. Moreover, time and language barriers during calls also contribute to the unnecessary yet effective delay.  SMS is the smartest and most convenient option to reach users. It is direct, efficient and people use it to communicate within remote areas. You can even send alerts to thousands of recipients using API and connecting directly with your web application. Developers can inform users of expiry dates, usage summary, receipts, schedules and tons of other use cases.

TheTexting is now one of the most reliable SMS API platforms in the world. We believe in quality and cost-effective strategies not only for us but for our users as well. Our SMS API is freely accessible to users with full parameter strings and integration credentials. Mobile application developers can avail this incredible feature and commence their SMS integration. This enables innovative communication along with smart real-time marketing. Thousands of developers are using TheTexting SMS API services and hundreds are joining every day. For more information, you can always engage with our 24/7 live support and get started ASAP!




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