Everything You Should Know About 10 DLC

Everything You Should Know About 10 DLC

The US network carriers are always on the lookout to make text messaging more efficient and safer. The newest addition to this purpose is the 10 Digit textable number. Or, more commonly known as 10 DLC. 10 DLC is a long code that is specifically for application to the person texting. Previously there were either shared shortcodes or long codes that were for peer-to-peer communication. This new type of source number allows businesses to send promotions, updates, reminders, and other types of messages more efficiently.

As we speak, the transition of 10 DLC is happening out and about. Major carriers have adopted and made this number live. We suggest you migrate to 10 DLC as well. Right now, there are no fees or penalties, but there soon might be.

Before you switch to 10 DLC, here is everything you should know about 10 DLC and what it can bring to your business.

Why was there a need for 10 DLC?

One of the most common reasons why 10 DLC was introduced is because of the potential risks in shared shortcodes. These numbers were shared by businesses that risked spamming and other dangers.

10-digit long codes are numbers that are for one business only. They help in cleaning the messaging system of spam and frauds. These numbers decide throughput according to the business’s brand score. We will talk about it in more detail later.

The launch of 10 DLC means that businesses need to migrate to 10DLC from their shared shortcodes. For businesses with a higher volume requirement, dedicated shortcodes are still present.

What is the timeline for 10DLC?

Some of the aspects of 10DLC have started out from May, 31st 2021. However, there is still time before major carriers start charging for the registered and unregistered traffic. However, before they impose any fines or fees, they are required to give a grace period of at least 30 days.

How to register for 10 DLC

Registration of 10DLC is a proper process. Businesses are required to fill out the details to approve their number. Every brand gets one number for one use case. However, you can opt to choose a mixed case number supporting up to five different use cases for one brand. The following are the details that you should have before you register for your 10DLC.

  1. The legally registered name of your company
  2. The country of registration of your company
  3. Type of organization your company is i.e public, private, nonprofit, etc.
  4. The tax number or employer identification number of your company
  5. A valid business website
  6. The name of your campaign
  7. A brief description of your campaign
  8. Use case of your campaign
  9. A sample message of what you might want to send out

After you submit these details and fill out the form, the information is sent out to TCR. The Campaign Registry is a third party that monitors the registration system. This step is mandatory for all service providers.

What are special campaigns and their treatment?

10DLC also has a couple of special campaign use cases. These campaigns require pre-approvals, post approvals, and maybe vetted to work properly. When you register for your brand, you will find out if you are requesting a special campaign. The following are special campaigns:

  1. Political messages
  2. Charity
  3. Agents and Franchises
  4. Social Engagement
  5. Emergency services
  6. Conversational

What are mixed campaigns?

One phone number can be assigned to one use case campaign only. In case there are several use cases, mixed campaigns are selected. These allow up to five different use cases. The charges may be higher in this case depending on the carrier.

Can I edit campaigns?

Editing campaigns comes with its limitations. For a brand, you cannot edit the employer identification number and legal company name. However, for the campaign, you can only edit the sample message section as of right now. There may be changes in the future but they are less likely.  

How are campaigns defined?

For 10DLC, campaigns fall under four categories. Each category has a different throughput rate according to the brand score.

  1. Declared: These campaigns are for specific uses like two-factor authentication.
  2. Marketing: This campaign is for promotional messages.
  3. Mixed: Mixed campaigns are for multiple use cases (up to five)
  4. Special: Special Campaigns are a charity, emergency, political, and others mentioned above.

What are the brand score and its role?

The TCR uses its algorithm to assign a brand score to every registration sent to them. The score is made against certain criteria of your business. When the score reaches the carriers, they decide the quota of your throughput. This can be in messages per second or even in daily limitations.

The following are the throughputs against the brand scores. T-Mobile offers a daily messaging limit while AT&T offers limits messages per second. These are inclusive of text messages as well as MMS. The limitations are proportionate to the brand score like others.

Why is vetting important?

TheTexting allows you to get your brand vetted before you submit your campaign. The reason for this is because vetting helps in boosting the brand score by scrutinizing it. The brand score determines your throughput. When you get enough information, you can help boost your brand score for better throughput.

We just found out from the campaign registry that the brand score is usually ignored and the brand is kept on the bottom most tier. The only exception is that the brand is a Russell 3000 business.

While vetting does not guarantee a better score, it is known to improve the overall brand score.

What are the 10DLC Costs?

There are certain fees associated with 10DLC. As always, TheTexting aims to provide you the lowest possible prices with the highest possible quality. The following is a break down of the 10DLC costs.

  1. There is a $4 charge for brand registration
  2. $50 T-Mobile one-time campaign activation fees *applicable starting March 01, 2022 onwards.
  3. $40 for vetting the brand (optional, required only if sending more than 2000 / day)
  4. Lastly, there is a $1 charge for one 10 DLC Setup. This makes the total $55, which is a one-time setup fee. This fee is nonrefundable.
  5. Depending on your campaign use case, there is a monthly recurring charge ranging from $2 to $10. This amount is charged quarterly

Is 10DLC MMS Compliant?

Yes, you can send MMS with 10 DLC. The throughput does not change in this regard. However, carriers generally have a higher charge to send out MMS as compared to text messages.  

Get started with TheTexting

TheTexting is up to date on all information and is striving to keep you in the loop as well. As we see and know of updates, we will let you know. 10DLC is here and is here to stay. Hence, providing a safe and ample way to send out application to person messages.

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