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SMS Gateway Features

Texting Coverage

SMS API Coverage

We are covering 100% of United States and Canada both via Long code text messaging service as well as Short code texting service. Not only limited to this, We can now deliver globally.

SMS API service

SMS API service

You can easily integrate our texting api within 10-20 minutes, we support integration via REST API or SMPP for high volumes. Click here to view our Texting API documentation.

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

We are convinced that we are offering the texting services with lowest rate per text message, none other in the industry can match our pricing. Our text message price is prepaid and we do charge per text message that is what exactly you are looking for!

Fastest Throughput

Fastest Throughput

Ever heard, 20 text messages per second? No. But we can provide you with 50 TPS (texts per second), based on your volume and requirement.

Free Inbound Texts

Free Inbound Texts (2-way texting)

Where applicable you can always receive free inbound text messages from your customers, it provides businesses hassle free interaction about their product.

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01 Sign Up

Sign Up

With the very easy two step signup form, you can have access to texting api and account area within 2 minutes, In the step one, you just provide your basic details and in the step two just validate and verify your phone number and email address, After successful verification, you'll get $3.00 free credit to test our texting api.


02 Integrate


Integration with TheTexting is very easy and the way you want it, you can integrate your Business application via SMPP , HTTP, SOAP protocols that are supported by all programming languages widely used (.NET, PHP & JAVA).


03 Payment


TheTexting offers several secure payment methods that are convenient for you, you can pay us via PayPal, via Debit Card, via Credit Card and via Wire/Bak Transfer. Your PayPal and Debit/Credit card use to go through with easy verification process, Once verified, you can make multiple payments without any further verification.


04 Setup

Go Texting

Once you have access to your account area, you need to setup by either purchasing long codes to your account or via short code, when done, you can start text marketing your product or configure texting alerts with your business application, if you want to become texting reseller, you can resell sms service as per your desire pricing to your customers.



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