Validate your phone numbers for efficient message delivery with Phone Number Lookup API.

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TheTexting’s Phone Number Lookup API helps you update your database so that you can filter out inactive numbers. Crosscheck real time details of phone numbers directly from carriers, to enhance your delivery rate and throughput.


Efficient Messaging Powered by Phone Number Details

Check for Active and Inactive Phone Numbers

Find out the status of the phone number you have in your list. Use this information to send out messages only to the valid and active numbers for added efficiency.

Get Portability Information

With Number Lookup API, you have the exact carrier information to help you send out messages accordingly. Use this information for routing your messages for increased deliverability and higher throughput.

Added Delivery Efficiency

Identify number validity with the Lookup API. Use this information to reduce fraudulent, keep your list clean, and minimize delivery failures and errors.

Better Conversion Rates

Get to know whether the number is landline, mobile, toll-free, or any other type.

    TheTexting gives you the complete tool to strategize your business communication and fuel it with updated data. Add a layer of efficiency to your text messaging needs with the Number Lookup API.

  • Capture validated number leads

  • Get real time data instead of expired old data to keep your list clean and reduce frauds

  • Know when your customers are travelling with roaming

  • Affordable cost Number Lookup API

  • Keep high intent, updated database to send messages

  • Increase efficiency of routes by knowing if the number is ported

  • To find the complete documentation for seamless integration click here.