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TheTexting’s Messaging API allows you to exchange Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) communications to 180+ countries worldwide. Using TheTexting’s powerful Messaging API, users send millions of messages around the globe every day. With simple integration and a 24/7 technical support, you can enjoy the perks of swift global communication and enable messaging on any website, application or system. Plus, you can facilitate two-way messaging where applicable using long numbers as well as send messages with your business name where Sender ID is supported.

What is a Messaging API?

In simple terms, an API is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. In Messaging, an API is used as a bridge that connects a software/application to a Messaging provider application to serve as a relay in sending messages to mobile users. This allows users to integrate messaging services with their website, third-party applications, mobile applications and CRM. Using an API for sending SMS & MMS messages is the easiest way to send automated bulk messages directly from your own platform. After integration, users have the ability to commence sending messages via any application, instantly.

Users can integrate with our Messaging API in C#, JavaScript, PHP, or any programming language their development team is working in. For example, many social media sites send OTPs and verification codes upon new sign ups or registrations. Messaging APIs enable mobile applications and websites to execute “Know your customer” (KYC) which is the process of identifying and verifying the identity of clients or users in this case to help them manage risks efficiently. The retail and education sector use Messaging API to send notifications and alerts to their contacts like schedules, shipping alerts, exam schedules and emergency alerts in real time. Moreover, SMS API has been a hit at the work place as it is commonly used for internal communication.

Why businesses around the world are choosing SMS as their primary channel of communication?

Swift Delivery

You can create multiple messages and deliver them to your recipients within minutes.


Send messages in any languages like Spanish, Hindi or Arabic eliminating language barrier.


SMS is much cheaper than other communication channels such as emails and calls.

Open rate

SMS has a 98% open rate which shows how effective and powerful this communication channel is.

Why businesses around the world are choosing MMS as their primary channel of communication?

Better Engagement Rate

91% consumers find visual content more appealing than plain text content – hence the engagement increases by 250%.

Longer Character Limits

MMS allows a much bigger character count so you can add more details in your message.


MMS is a much more affordable visual content than TV ads and billboards.

No Downloads Required

You can send MMS to almost any smartphone. The recipients do not have to download a separate application to receive your messages.

    Here are some unique features offered exclusively by TheTexting:

  • Free Trial :

    TheTexting offers a trial account with $3.00 to all new sign ups to test the service to their satisfaction before any mode of payment.

  • Global Coverage :

    Enjoy coverage across a range of networks in over 180 countries worldwide.

  • Back-up Routes :

    We have multiple alternative routes standby so you experience no downtime.

  • Customer Service :

    24/7 support available if you have any queries or require technical assistance.

  • Easy Messaging API Integration :

    With access to the complete documentation and API credentials upon sign up, integration is seamless.

    It contains cloud based Messaging API system which has enabled businesses to utilize mass text messaging. TheTexting is also a partner for worldwide developers who are looking for easy to integrate Messaging API. The features of TheTexting in the paradigm of Messages are:

  • REST API :

    REST makes use of a specific set of constraints or programmatic rules which are applied over the HTTP protocol layer. Simply put, REST refers to the way in which HTTP should be used. A greater variety of API calls and features are available, and therefore, greater development capability. The REST API is still extremely easy to integrate and allows for the use of a number of structured rules for webhooks.

  • Delivery Reports :

    Delivery reports may not be real-time with TheTexting.

  • Concatenated SMS :

    Yes, TheTexting also supports concatenated SMS. You can send supersized text messages. *Additional charges will apply on messages with more than 160 standard characters.

  • To find the complete documentation for seamless integration click here.