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Update your number callback.

Base URL

All requests to TheTexting must be submitted to the base URL. TheTexting provides you with an option of a response as a JSON object, or an XML string - you get to choose which response by selecting the appropriate base URL for your request.

JSON end point

XML end point

HTTP Methods

All requests are submitted through the HTTP POST or GET method using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values.

Expected "Content-Type" for POST is "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", however we also support "application/json", "application/jsonrequest", "application/x-javascript", "text/json", "text/javascript", "text/x-javascript", "text/x-json" when posting parameters as a JSON object.


All requests require your API credentials (api_key & api_secret), which you can find under "API Settings" in TheTexting Dashboard.

Parameter Description
api_key Required. Your API Key. Ex: api_key=2f0ihf5656lfu03jl
api_secret Required. Your API Secret. Ex: api_secret=cluol3434qwfc0lg
number Required. Number to update.
new_in_callback_url_type Required. Either 'HTTP' or 'HTTPS'.
new_in_callback_url Required. Inbound call back URL without application protocol for e.g.

Sample URL (POST)

JSON Response (Success)


    "Response": "Number : 16787188829 has been successfully updated.",

    "ErrorMessage": "",

    "Status": 0


XML Response (Success)

<TheTexting xmlns:i="">


    <Response>Number : 16787188829 has been successfully updated.</Response>



JSON Response (Failure)

"Response": null,
"ErrorMessage": "Parameters Missing",
"Status": 2

XML Response (Failure)

<TheTexting xmlns:i="">
<ErrorMessage>Parameters Missing</ErrorMessage>
<Response i:nil="true"/>

Respond Codes

Code Meaning
0 Request is successful
1 Request has failed.
2 Parameters are missing.
3 Credentials are invalid.
4 Parameters are invalid.
5 Result has returned empty.
6 Status is invalid.

Callback Response

If you have set Incoming Reply callback URL in your profile or with the number, we will send you the following parameters.

Sample URL

https://YOURCALLBACKURL.COM/YOURPAGE?from=123456&text=This is a test message.&datetime=Jun 9 2017 09:41 AM&cost=0.00

Parameter Description
from Sender number of this message.
to Recipient, your TheTexting virtual number this message was sent to.
text Text of the incoming message received.
datetime Date & time when this message was received.
cost Cost of the message if any.
mediaurl Incoming MMS Only - URL of media file that has been received in the MMS. This parameter can be repeated multiple times, based on the number of files received.